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Our Programmes 2019

Enriching young lives, creating positive impacts

We are dedicated to support the school in the running of events. Thus far, we have successfully run many events with the help from our dedicated team of parent volunteers. We are constantly looking for more Hildan parents to participate in our programmes. Contact us today and find out how you can bring joy and fun to the children of SHPS!

Ad Hoc Events

From time to time, the school will hold various activities and programmes to celebrate the different events throughout the school year. Examples of such celebrations are Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Founder’s Day, Earth Day and Racial Harmony Day, just to name a few… During these events, the Parent Support Group will partner with the school, with the help from our pool of Hildan parents who had signed up as volunteers, in running the activities/programmes.

Total Defence Day

FEB 2019


Students were being educated on the pillars of national defence during their recess breaks. Activities include creating a figurine based on a selected total defence scene from the poster as well as writing a short reflection on what they have learned about total defence. Students also took part in the Water Conservation Quiz to learn about the different ways of conserving water. They even had a chance to sample war-time staple of plain porridge and sweet potato! 


MT Chinese Fortnight

FEB 2019

MT fortnight.png

In Feb 2019, the school celebrated its yearly Mother Tongue (Chinese) Languages (MTL) Fortnight with the theme “Loving Our Language, Appreciating Our Culture”.  The event aimed to create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue (Chinese) Languages in a fun way amongst students through various exciting cultural activities organised for the week.  These cultural activities were planned for all the levels to promote the active use of the Mother Tongue (Chinese) language and to allow student’s exposure on the Chinese cultures through the activities. Parents Support Group was pleased to be able to support the event by helping with the needful set up and preparation, guiding and demonstrating the various cultural activities. These include Tea Appreciation, Calligraphy Demonstration, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting etc.

85th School Carnival

MAR 2019


St Hilda’s Schools celebrates their 85th anniversary this year. To commemorate this special occasion, St Hilda’s Primary and Secondary jointly organised a fun-filled carnival on the 9th March 2019. The SHPS Parent Support Group set up two booths on that day - one selling balloons and the other a Tikam-Tikam game booth.  We appreciated the support and help by the parent volunteers who came to help in the preparation work of sorting and recording the pre-loved items that were kindly donated by the students and their families, as well as those who came to manage the booths during the carnival. Both the booths were a success! All items were sold out!  We couldn’t have done it without the all these help from this pool of wonderful Hildan parents!

International Friendship Day

APR 2019

In celebration of the International Friendship Day, PSG organised a “World Fair" with  9 country booths -  Cambodia, Indonesia/Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Ireland, South Korea and Switzerland. A short write-up on each country was displayed, providing students with information on the country's flag, national flower, its currency and location on the world map. Students had a chance to play some childhood games and tasted snacks of these countries. They were also given a bag to “travel around the world” to collect the various  countries bookmarks to write down a reflection on what they have learnt about that specific country after visiting it.

Earth Day

APR 2019


The Science department has kick start their monthly Science programme with the celebration of Earth Day where the children learnt how to make their own terrarium with recycled bottles. PSG volunteers were grouped into 5 stations to help with the cutting of plastic bottles, distributing of pebbles and soil, selecting suitable plants (to suit their bottles of various sizes) and adding decorative pebbles as finishing.

Appreciation Lunch

MAY 2019


Before term 2 ended, PSG organised an appreciation lunch for all parent volunteers who had helped out during the first half of the year and a chance for the school leaders to mingle with the parents. There was a presentation of previous events held as well as sharing of upcoming events for the rest of the year. 

June Holiday Workshops

JUNE 2019

Jun Workshops.jpeg

PSG organised its first series of parent-child bonding workshops during the June holidays. There were two workshops to select from - Organic Vegetable Growing and Organic Soap Making. Each was a 2.5-hr hands-on session with the founder of Gardens with Purpose, Joanne Ng. The "Organic Vegetable Growing" workshop provided participants with the theory and practical tips needed to grow healthy vegetables whereas the "Organic Soap Making" workshop provided participants with the theory and practical tips for making their own herbal all-natural soap bar and shampoo. 

Ad Hoc Events 2019

Racial Harmony Day

JULY 2019

Racial Harmony Day.jpg

This year's theme was "Connected Communities". The activities were planned differently this time to create a shared experience amongst both students and teachers.


The school wide activities include teachers/parents VS students challenge in the kicking of chaptehs and playing of five stones and country erasers, making of traditional toys such as the Parachute by upcycling plastic bags and rubber bands for "zero point" and creating a five stone animal and the sampling of some traditional snacks such as the Indian coconut candies, Jemput, tapioca kush and wa-koh-kueh.

National Day


National Day.jpeg

The theme of National day this year was “Our Singapore” and the concept of the event was “create, experience and challenge”.  


Parent volunteers helped the kids with the making of props like eye mask, Chinese tambourine and bottle shaker. The children were also challenged on their knowledge of Singapore NDP theme song. Through the creation and challenge, they experienced the joy of celebrating National Day together. 

Children's Day



A series of activities were planned for this year's children's day celebration. The students have fun playing basketball, dog and bone, zero point as well as nerf guns. Those who weren't interested in sporty events went up to the craft stations where they learned how to make Friendship bracelets, design a card or even try out origami. They were also treated with a Zumba performance by a group of mummies during assembly!

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