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St Hilda's Primary School
Parent Support Group


  • To partner St Hilda’s Primary School (SHPS) through supporting its programmes and activities towards providing a vibrant learning experience that would ensure the balanced development of the students into God-fearing citizens for our nation.

  • To strengthen the home-school relationship and contribute to a more vibrant learning experience for our children.

    We sincerely hope that parents will seize the opportunity to be more involved in the school by becoming a PSG volunteer. So come join us!

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Our Logo

The PSG logo, symbolises a parent volunteer supporting the school in achieving its vision. The 7 coloured balls depict the many exciting PSG programmes and activities that take place in the school. The text ‘parent support group’ at the bottom complements the spherical symbol and again emphasises the notion of support for the school.

Executive Committee 2023-2024

PSG Activities

Our Programmes and Activities

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Code of Conduct

PSG hopes that all parent volunteers would have a meaningful and enjoyable time with the students during the events. For the comfort and safety of all the participants, PSG seeks the kind understanding of all parent volunteers' adherence to the following points:


  1. As a representative of St Hilda's Primary School, parents are advised to dress appropriately for events/outings. Henceforth, strapless tops, spaghetti straps top, hot pants and slippers are not allowed.

  2. Parents need to be vigilant as the safety of the students is very important. PSG seeks your understanding to avoid using mobile phones and focus throughout the whole event.

  3. Parents are encouraged to distribute themselves, accordingly amongst the students, when doing the assigned duties, so as to attend to as many students as possible.

  4. Should there be any dispute/incident between students or parents

    • Do not intervene and seek the help of the PSG EXCO member in charge or the teacher on duty immediately. 

    • Some of our students do have special learning / behavioural needs that we are not in the liberty to share due to confidentiality. Always check back with the teacher about the child if you are unsure. 

Recess, After School and Ad Hoc

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Be your child's hero

Creating an impact

Join Us!
*Only for Hildan Parents with kid(s) in SHPS. 


Becoming a parent support group volunteer goes beyond lending a helping hand at the school. It not only gives us a great opportunity to be closer to our children and help them in their learning journey but also allows us to learn from one another as we contribute to the school. 

Our children will also benefit when we are more active in their school environment. They tend to: 

  • show more positive attitudes 

  • have better school attendance and complete homework more consistently 

  • be able to bridge the cultural gap between school and home 

  • be less anti-social and less prone to behavioural issues

Contact us at to find out more about our programmes.

*Only for Hildan Parents with kid(s) in SHPS. 

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